Marketing Rebellion: A review of Mark Schaefer’s new book

Customers are your new marketing department. That’s the upshot of this newly released 290 page book. The thought of more then 66% of your marketing communications being outside of your control will be too unnerving for many. But for those leaders that know intuitively that there’s a shift happening that we need to get hold of, read on. This one’s for you.

I just finished reading Mark Schaefer’s new book, Marketing Rebellion – The Most Human Company Wins. It was released on Feb 1, 2019 and I was keen to get my hands on it, since I have read some of his other books, and have a tremendous amount of respect for his consulting background, as well as university teaching experience, which allows him to be grounded in research while hyper focused on trends. He’s well connected in who he consults for the book, and frankly he’s a good read. The man knows how to write. Plus, he is the closing keynote at Social Media Marketing World this March in San Diego. I would venture a guess, that he will leave the room a little stirred by his words, and for many, frankly shaken.

Mark Schaefer’s new book Marketing Rebellion will cause you to rethink much of what you thought you knew about marketing, especially in an era increasingly influenced by tech – SEO, funnels, databases, retargeting, social media control, custom audiences. But also traditional high reach media. It’s not that these should be tossed completely out the door, but they’re relegated to 1/3 of what is effective. The other 2/3 is now out of our control – customer shared content, reviews, word of mouth online and off. He advocates that in this era of customer control, marketing is really about creating experiences and peak moments that will be shared by customers.Tech should be used to help make the customer experience seamless and efficient, not for blasting them with targeted messages to buy our stuff. It’s an approach that demands a cultural shift and buy in from leadership. It doesn’t fit neatly into existing marketing departments, and it runs counter to many agency models. It demands a different skill set, lots of creativity, and sees marketing as everyone’s job. But it’s right on. I’ve been at this marketing stuff for a while. This book will challenge you. But the time is absolutely right for marketing to become more human. Mark Schaefer nails it. Highly recommended.

I dip into some of the main concepts in more depth, and summarize what I think are the memorable quotes, impactful research, and great examples in this video book review. Enjoy!

Order you copy on AMAZON.COM here / Or for the Canadians in the crowd, on AMAZON.CA here.


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