Disruptive creative from the Czech Republic: Vodofone sells cell phones to seniors

I’m continuing the disruptive creative theme this week with an entry from the Czech Republic. Having recently returned from travelling there, and having used the services of Vodofone and an European SIM card purchased from them to keep the price of overseas data use reasonable, I have to say I not only love their approach to advertising, but what a deal compared to my Canadian cell phone provider travel options!

The Czech Republic is not only beautiful, but I find the people have an eclectic sense of humour. Perhaps that indifferent resolve while trying to see the lighter side in things is due in part to surviving numerous wars and years of occupation. Call it what you will, behind that stoic eastern European stiff upper lip is often a desire to not take things too seriously.

This piece of creative capitalizes on that. It’s eclectic, endearing and disruptive wrapped up into one. But it also brilliantly capitalizes on a forgotten segment – seniors who use cell phones.

In the spot, “Vodofone for seniors” it tells of how the seniors market represents 20% of market share, and future growth, but how seniors are often put off by having to deal with youth selling the devices. So Vodofone embarked on a campaign to hire seniors to actually sell to seniors.

It’s a very entertaining spot, and evidently a creative and sales success with the target market. But it also speaks to disruption – seeing a market opportunity, and approaching it in a new and innovative manner. You can what it at this link:

With better health and aging populations in many advanced countries, an older demographic is likely a much overlooked opportunity for mobile phone and service plan sales. While many companies are focused on the youth market as their primary growth area, this is a true “blue ocean” strategy.

What do you think? Have you seen other examples of creative marketing to an older demographic? Leave a comment below, or on social media where this post has been shared.



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