Creative disruption from Paris: When a billboard becomes a picnic blanket

France is the land of picnics. Everywhere you go, there are people stretched out on blankets, taking a break and enjoying some food, drink and good company. We experienced this on mass during Bastille Day celebrations recently on July 14th beneath the Eiffel Tower for a huge evening concert and a fireworks display.

But it’s the everyday break that this disruptive creative concept set out to capitalize on. Realizing that often “picnics in the park” can be a spontaneous affair, Fruits and Wine, and French alcoholic beverage company, set out to make free picnic blankets easily accessible. They installed billboards with removable sheet blankets.

This ad created by Rosapark, encourages people to actually take the billboard installment – which is a tear off blanket, and use it for a picnic and then take it home. Sheets of course were playfully attractive, featuring the companies logo and products, so it was a perfect reminder and product placement tie in for a self selected, but defined target audience. It’s a disruptive use of creative space, and a fun way to not only grab earned media attention, but also lots of social media chatter. Check out the spot here:

Have you seen any disruptive creative ideas out there this summer worthy of sharing? Leave a comment below, or reach out on social media where this post is also shared!

Mary Charleson

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