Place and purpose creative winners and losers!

Sometimes creativity just requires a slightly different perspective on things. Take this bus shelter ad for example. Displayed upright it would be just like any other. Made into a ramp, it take on purpose and meaning to a target group of skateboarders.

However, this misplaced Turkish Airlines ad is quite comical. What on earth were they thinking?

Place and purpose can make or break creative. Just be sure to use it wisely. Likewise, consideration of location and your target group and yes, orientation of that creative!

Mary Charleson


  1. I’ve since been informed that the Turkish Airlines banner was erected in error under instructions from the Zeenah Group based in Muscat. The flip side of the escalator has the same image in reverse – so the aircraft is climbing rather than crashing. The image was apparently taken down after two days. Still, it’s the kind of thing that makes you scratch your head – didn’t the person putting this up think about what they were actually doing??

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