7 Top tips to creating content that begs to be shared

We likely all remember this classic scene from Lady and the Tramp. It’s an iconic image of love and sharing. Wouldn’t it be great if, in leveraging your influence, you could evoke that same urge to share your content by your followers?

But the first thing to consider is the reason WHY people share your stuff. Here’s a big hint: It’s not about you, it’s about THEM! In my experience, people share content that makes them:

– Look smart

– Look connected

– Look funny

– Look insightful

If you can provide content that allows your readers to appear smart, connected, funny or insightful, the chances of it getting shared go up exponentially. While this is a subtle shift of thinking, it makes sense.

The key to writing great content is to not only have valuable information, but to have something that lends itself to a great headline that people will want to open, link to and ultimately share. Here are some ideas.

1. Lists. In an abbreviated world of sound-bite communication, lists will resonate. (example: 10 ways to improve your blog)

2. How to do something. The world loves a teacher especially if there is a willing pupil. (example: 5 sure fire ways to get publicity)

3. Facts & statistics. Generally statistics only get people excited if they are proving something unexpected. Graphic presentations work best. (example: Facebook and Twitter user statistics just released)

4. Negative spin. Zig when others zag. In a world of ‘how to’ advice, ‘how not to’ can cut through the clutter. (example: 5 reasons people are not reading your Tweets)

5. Research. Quote research from respected sources and all parties instantly appear smarter! (example: Yale study on why women CEOs fail)

6. Case study. Nothing gets better than real life application when it comes to learning. (example: Social media disasters or 2012)

7. News story. Put your own spin on a news story, or if your can break news yourself. I did this recently when news broke that Sam Sung was working for Apple in Vancouver. Since I live there, I was able to add my own spin to the story, by doing my own journalistic investigation. (example: Does Sam Sung really work for Apple?)

Mary Charleson

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