A princely marketing opportunity for businesses in Prince George, BC Canada

On July 23, 2013 Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge, gave birth to the 3rd heir in line to the British throne. On July 25, they named him Prince George. And that’s the day the single best marketing opportunity in some time made itself available to businesses in Prince George BC. Hopefully someone there is quick enough to act upon it to generate some press and publicity for their business.

Who might be ripe for the opportunity and what could they do? Kick up the creativity. Here are some ideas:

A quick Google search for “Prince George and baby apparel” shows a store located there called Everything Baby, that sells baby gear and Mommy fashion. They’re on the web at This is a golden opportunity to position as “Prince George’s baby gear place”. Their website reach could spawn global interest simply by doing a creative publicity stunt or online promotion. Within the  Prince George area, a special event and in store specials could rocket them to fame. Or perhaps they could send baby George a special gift from the store, clearly saying it came from Prince George, and invite him to his namesake city in the future? I’d bet they’d get a response, and boy could you make something of that for future publicity. A friend of mine’s Mom, who is an ardent Royalty fan, sent Kate and William a home made baby blanket from Vancouver, and she just received a letter from the Palace in thanks. How cool is that?

Please Mum, a well-known Canadian baby and kids clothing company, has a location in Prince George. They too could tie into the parallels. How about a sister-city Prince George and London promotion, but call it a “brother-city” in this case? Partial proceeds could be donated to a new Moms support group or social cause in London.

There’s a company called Baby Bump Maternity Fashion in Prince George. Given the first photo of Kate and William showing off baby George and the talk it provoked about Kate’s post baby Mommy bump, I’d say these folks could do something creative. Curiously the Facebook page for the company notes that Carri Hunter recently purchased the store on July 17, 2013. I’d say Carri has a golden marketing opportunity here – but she needs to act fast. She should be stocking blue polka dot dresses if she can get them ASAP. Or how about a special promotion to all mothers who gave birth on July 23?

Or how about a whole different tack? There’s a Tim Horton’s in Prince George. What if that location changed their name to “Kate’s Café” for the day in honour of the prince being named after their city? Maybe give away free coffee and donuts to everyone named George for the day? Or Alexander or Louis….

In all of these examples, the promotion should be widely publicized to the media: TV, radio, newspapers as well as on new Mom focused blogs, Facebook, Twitter, Pintrest, LinkedIn and Youtube.  Then the company should be ready to capture the coverage and further fuel it with online social media. Wash, rinse and repeat, as I like to say. Publicity is free promotion, but you have to be creative and work for it. Will there be any takers in Prince George?


Mary Charleson


  1. Great post, Mary. Las Vegas is already capitalizing on this. Their ad: “Welcome to the royal addition. See you in 21 years.” And I loved Howard Johnson’s campaign before the birth. They promised to donate $25K to charity if the royal couple named their baby “Howard”. Pretty safe bet there wasn’t going to be a Prince Howard, but they got some great spin!

  2. Love the Vegas spin! Just goes to show all that is needed is some creativity to fuel the spin… I’ve posted links to this article on various Prince George businesses FB pages. Curious to see what happens.

  3. I’m on holidays and obviously have lost track of the days. Kate gave birth on July 22 and they named him George on the 24th.

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