Video across platforms: live, linked or native?

Last week I shared some important update information about Facebook. In particular how it has recently gone from a platform of DISCOVERY (helping people find relevant content) to a platform of CONNECTION (facilitating meaningful social interactions), and how algorithms have been changed to encourage that. The bottom line for publishers and content creators is you need to find new ways to be more engaging, and/or commit funds to reaching your audience on Facebook now. Check out the POST HERE to catch up on all the details.

One of my recommendations was using more video, and in particular LIVE video as a way to stand out on Facebook and continue to have content broadcast and shared. This week I’m expanding my outlook about video to other platforms. Video will continue to grow, and Facebook is not the only game in town. Admittedly they have the largest platform of users, but depending on your target audience LinkedIn and Twitter are viable options, as is Instagram (owned by Facebook). And let’s not forget Youtube, owned by that little company called Google!

Diversification of platforms and video content delivery in varied forms (on the go short nibbles, lean forward appetizers, and lean back longer dining content) could be the winning formula. I’ll look more at that “content dining” concept next week!

Some compelling statistics about video

– Video was 69% of content online in 2017 and will grow to be 79% of content by the end of 2018
– 75% of executives watch work related videos weekly
– 54% of executives share work related videos with colleagues
– Only 35% of businesses plan to use video in their 2018 marketing efforts

LinkedIn native video

I really like the opportunities on LinkedIn right now, especially given the executive watch and share statistics noted above, but also because the platform is relatively new to video, so it’s easier to stand out, and they have yet to monitize the reach factor like Facebook.

LinkedIn native video is excellent for B2B (business to business) type companies, consultants, and anyone who is looking to increase visibility around an area of expertise. Video builds credibility, visibility, showcases expertise, and lets people know who you are. Basically it builds your brand.

Have you checked out LinkedIn video? Currently it is enabled on personal profiles, not yet company pages. And there is no “live” broadcasting option yet, although industry insiders seem to think both of these options will be coming at some point in the future. If you haven’t checked it out, log into your profile and you’ll see the “video” icon as a sharing option when you post an update.

LinkedIn NATIVE video is video you create on your phone or laptop and upload to LinkedIn directly. If you do it as a Youtube video with link, you won’t get the same visibility as LinkedIn native. Their algorithms favor content native to the platform. When you upload a video, you can drive traffic to an external website, however you should do it in the comments section below, not in the post, so it gets more exposure. Currently you can upload up to 5GB to LinkedIn. Videos must be between 3 seconds – 10 minutes maximum, and you have 700 characters to describe the video in the update section, so be sure to tag and mention people and use #hashtags, which now matter on LinkedIn.

How to use LinkedIn native video?

1. Share tips, teach something
2. Testimonials
3. Book or product review
4. Demonstrate a product
5. Interview someone

I’ll look at Youtube more closely in a future post, and the LIVE STREAMING broadcast option there well worth consideration when diversifying your use of video.

Bottom line? Diversifying your approach to video and never having all your eggs in one basket (Easter anyone?) is always a good hedge approach. And at the end of the day, I would always encourage you to use these tools to build traffic and audience on platforms you OWN, like your website and email subscriber base.

Are you using video? Are you going live with it? Or are you recording and sharing it? What platforms have you had success on? I’d love to get your feedback. And if this has caused you to reconsider your approach to video, I’d love to hear about that too! Leave a comment below and get the conversation started.

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