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Last weeks topic really resonated. I shared how I believe there is a huge underutilized opportunity lurking in your mailbox these days as online and social media feeds get more and more jammed and your physical mailbox is often empty. Link HERE for the full article.

As a result of that post, a number of you asked about best practices in building your database list. More then a few admitted to having an email list, but a scantily clad physical address list, which just further reinforced my observation of the opportunities for those that can reach out this way.

I’ve written a number of pieces on the top in the past. Here are a few links:

10 Ways to grow your list

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From creeks to rivers to oceans: Growing your audience through communications channels

The very process of digging through past posts for specific information really drove home the importance of tagging content for search. And that’s the topic I want to touch on briefly this week. In working with clients on their content marketing strategy, I have often encountered articles that are either not tagged at all, or tagged poorly for search. Failure to tag content means visitors to a site may not find what they are looking for, but more importantly, it also means that Google may not necessarily pick up great content that could be driving search and the visibility for your site.

If you’re using WordPress as a site management tool, the “add tags” section is to the right when you are composing a new post or page. It’s important to tag not only terms about the content that you think people might be search for, but also names of people, companies, brands etc. But you can also get a little more fancy with your strategy, and check out sites that show you content and key words that have a lot of searches, and increase the likelihood of ones you can rank for. You might want to match those terms for your content areas to further increase the chance of showing up well in a Google search. There are MANY tools out there to help with this, but one I have found relatively simple to use is

Over time well tagged content rises within search and starts to help position you and your business around certain topics and areas of expertise.

It was lovely to hear from numerous folks last week through comments and emails, sharing how the content had resonated. Thank you to those who offered up some thoughtful and encouraging words about my personable communication style of delivering these marketing tips. The feedback is deeply appreciated, and it continues to reinforce my weekly commitment to you. With gratitude and appreciation – thank you.

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