Email subject lines make or break a media pitch

Last week we looked at 5 tips for getting more FREE publicity and earned media. I noted how I considered point #4 to be the secret weapon. So we’re going to dig more into that this week. If you happen to have missed last week, you can now read it on my blog HERE. 

The email subject line of your pitch to media is your secret weapon.

Here’s why:

1. Reporters are on the go. They will most likely scan your email on a mobile device rather then desktop.

2. Mobile emails are read in a highly distracted environment, competing for time and the necessity to either clear off other messages or are viewed while searching for something else. That subject line had better be good.

3. Due to this distraction and small device space for viewing, the subject line has to be short (no possible text wrap) and it has to be catchy.

4. If the subject line doesn’t catch their attention, they won’t open the email. And if they don’t open the email, it doesn’t matter how good the pitch and content is. It will be wasted.

What are some great email subject line ideas? Feel free to switch up content or use these as a springboard for inspiration.

5 Reasons you should fire your ________
3 Things you wish you knew about _________
The number one thing _______ always/never do about ________
The _______ hack that will save you __________
Lessons I learned doing ____________
What do _________ do that other don’t?
The surprising truth about ________
3 signs it’s time to ______________
How to know _________ is ripping you off

You get the idea. Using numbers often proves irresistible to at least check the link for more info. Making a controversial statement is also effective. Generally you want to be catchy, but not too complex with double meanings etc. Sometimes turning statements into questions can be effective too. For example, rather then saying “How to know if your bank is ripping you off”, you could say “Do you know if your bank is ripping you off?”

Be cautious of words that could get caught up in spam filters. Statements about “making money”, “saving” or terms associated with spam, such as “via_ r _” will stop your email in its tracks. Let me know if you need the word search answer key on that one!

So, that’s it for this week. Keeping it short and sweet. Next week I’m thinking of digging into the actual template for a media pitch. Let me know if that would be useful. If you’re curious about learning some of this stuff in more depth, hop on over to my course, “Marketing with Media: Spend less time, get more results.” It contains the full meal deal to learn about owned, rented, earned, embedded and paid media, and has one entire module devoted to earned media publicity. Check it out HERE. If you’re thinking about enrolling, and would like some personal consultation about whether it would be a good fit for you, email me with some questions. We can even set up a conference call if you require more info after getting your initial questions answered.

As always, thanks for checking out these 5-Minute Marketing tips. If you want to join the “insiders circle” e-newsletter list, I’d love to have you. Link HERE to sign up, or just press on the big old ad box above.  And finally, thanks to those who share my content with their circle of influence each week. The community is growing!

Mary Charleson

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