Top 10 Social Media Blogs 2017 winners: Thanks for the nomination + check these out!

I was thrilled to have this blog nominated for the Top 10 Social Media Blogs 2017 by Social Media Examiner. While my blog didn’t make the final top 10 cut, being on the shortlist with such awesome company was truly an honour. Do yourself a favour and check out this year’s Top 10 list. There are several here I already follow, and a couple new ones I intend to start. The content featured on these blogs is top notch, having been vetted and awarded by industry and peers.

I am truly grateful to the folks who took the time to submit a nomination, and in particular for the kind words shared with Social Media Examiner on the nomination site. With gratitude I share them again here as well.

I nominate Mary Charleson’s for the 8th Annual Social Media blog awards. In the past year alone Five Minute Marketing has explored such topics as brand trust in the new economy; the personality of grand brands; and what happens when beer commercials choose reckless over responsibility. One of her most thought-provoking posts of the year followed on the heels of the Trump election victory, as she delved into a world of frustration tuned out by the mainstream media–and its audiences. The writing is tight, smart and to-the-point, and Mary sticks to her five-minute promise so you can get on with your day a little savvier than you started. – Victoria Miles

I would like to nominate Mary Charleson and her blog arrive without fail every week and I always look forward to reading it. She offers great, down-to-earth tips and her material is often current with the days news, or with what’s happening in her life. When it comes to a blog which offers value, Mary is simply the best. – Kathy Lynn

There are many blogs that inspire, educate, infuriate … *smile* that i consider worthy of a nomination. My preference? Mary Charleson’s Five MInute Marketing Relevant, applicable information delivered as if she were sitting across from you with a coffee in her hand and you were the only person she was speaking to. – Cathy Kuzel

I nominate  From a content standpoint, I always find this blog thought provoking and very well written. Beyond that, it has actionable ideas I can apply in my own business–that makes it particularly valuable.  One of the many bonuses is that there are references to current examples of creative marketing ideas, including videos that I always feel compelled to watch (interesting examples that link directly to the content of the BLOG).  And . . . because it comes out on Sunday, it is the only BLOG of the many I subscribe to that I always have time to read! – David Gouthro

I nominate Mary Charleson’s blog Five Minute Marketing She offers fascinating insights on up-to-the-minute trends. I get the sense Mary has a rapidly growing following who appreciate her personal touch and useful advice. It’s like having coffee with a smart, funny friend who wants to help you understand trends and grow your business. – Karen Spiers

I would like to nominate Mary Charleson and her Mary is always relevant in a world inundated with route marketing. Mary is current, relevant and when she suggests it is customizable to gain your own voice with her suggestions. I look forward to her blogs and articles. She is a must follow for me. – Sydney Scott

I vote for which always has practical content with useful lessons to apply to almost any business. In particular, I find the insights from current marketing campaigns and ideas on how to apply those learnings for greater success most relevant – and the blogs are always user friendly, written in plain English. – Collene Hansen

I nominate Mary Charleson at Her weekly blog is informative and always has a new marketing twist delivered in a brief, interesting way. – Ed Daley

I strongly nominate Mary Charleson’s blog: It is very easy reading and the contents are relevant and relatable. Mary uses a story-telling style and relates everyday incidents and up-to-date company examples to come up with “lessons learned”! My weekend coffee is never complete without reading the blog. Start reading it and you’ll get hooked as well! – Tess Ireneo-Manalo

I nominate Five Minute Marketing Tips from Mary Charleson from BC, CANADA. Her information is very current, useful to independent business owners who manage their own marketing content to those working in organizations with a huge marketing department. Everyone can learn about buying or earning social media. Plus her tips are provided is in small chunks of easy to read info every Sunday morning – like clockwork! – Patricia Lalonde

For consistent, timely and pertinent information with marketable ideas every week I nominate – Jay Daley

Mary Charleson

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