Starbucks moves ‘beyond coffee’ with new logo

Today Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz announced a new logo for the company. Noticeably absent are the words “Starbucks coffee.” In fact there are no words at all – just the simplistic siren mermaid graphic in green within a circle. It perhaps signals a move not unlike when Apple Computers became just Apple. That simplification signaled a move beyond computers. This too seems to imply a future move beyond coffee. In fact Schultz himself hints of the fact in his video address. Could we see in the future Starbucks e-book publishing? A Starbucks indi music label? Perhaps even Starbucks travel? Starbucks air? Ok, maybe that’s pushing it, but how about Starbucks XPress Breakfast? That would allow a different identity for their morning hot sandwich breakfast locations and excuse them for smelling like a fast-food McDonalds. They off course could then have Starbucks Classic Cafe for the rich coffee aroma and European experience. One thing is for certain, the company has struggled to regain their premium identity after expanding too quickly, diluting their brand and being driven by quarterly stock earnings. They are due for a shake up and reposition. Let’s hope they can regain their lost luster while continuing to grow.

Video of Howard Schultz, Starbucks CEO on new logo

Mary Charleson


  1. I think that Mr. Schultz is really pushing to expand that “third place” concept. The logo has dropped Starbucks Coffee and really, wasn’t the European coffee house atmosphere what started it all? Everyone is playing the premium coffee game (even McDonalds has “premium” coffee) so he’s got to work on the rest of the experience for the customer… that leads back to the third place concept. Whatever it is, it’s going to have to be good… Sbux has struggled for some time now.

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