Causing social change by making it fun

Check out this #1 viewed Youtube video for the week ending Oct 30, 2009 with 2.5 million views.


It’s a great viral campaign sponsored by Volkswagon, Sweden. The video leads viewers to the website: where you can learn about a contest they are sponsoring to get people to submit ideas on how to cause social change by making it fun. You can also view “the bottomless garbage can” and the “bottle return arcade game.” The contest is running Oct 1-Dec 15, 2009. Winners will be selected at receive 2500 Euro.

Why does it work?

This is a great use of social media and viral marketing. By allowing word of mouth and mouse to spread the idea, VW is allowing consumers to self select themselves for involvement. They are aligning with a cause that they know their customers care about. It social media meets green marketing, wrapped up in a pull strategy using the latest digital tools available. It will be interesting to see how they tie this back to vehicle promotion, or if they just leave it as a brand building strategy.

Mary Charleson


  1. Thank you for sharing this idea adopted by VW. This is one of the greatest example of how to let consumers to choose for their self. One of the best examples of Viral campaign seen so far.

    If I come across with any such innovative ideas then I shall like to share them.

  2. Thanks for the comments. This was a great viral campaign. I just checked back to see how the contest turned out. You can view the entries on this link:

    There are some great ones that have been rated by the panel. My personal favourites:’Flushing for fun’ to save water, the ‘formula one pit stop’ ethanol gas fill up and the ‘self charging, only works when you’re walking’ ipod shoes.

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