Internet ad spending out paces TV

Internet ad spending in the UK out paced TV ad spending for the first time ever in history. While TV ad spending commanded 22%, the internet took up 24% of advertising expenditures. While some were quick to write the obituary for traditional media, the UK market is a bit of an anomaly with its restricted advertising on the BBC and an abundance of broadband penetration. However, it does signal a significant shift. Let’s call it a disruption. And it’s happened before. The printing press disrupted oral communications. Radio and film disrupted newspapers and live theater. TV in the 1950s disrupted radio. Cable TV and specialty channels in the 60/70s disrupted network TV. What is common with all these is this: The disruption fragmented the audience and caused new patterns of media consumption. The other thing that is common is that none of the previous communication vehicles went away, they simply took on a different role. I think that’s what’s happening with the internet and mobile media these days. Traditional media will be around for a long time to come, but with a refined focus and purpose.

Check out the full article on the UK findings here:

Mary Charleson


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