Backvertising hits Kits Beach

Think you’ve seen it all when it comes to clever delivery of advertising messages? Think again. Enter to latest human ad platform: backvertising. Take one very hairy man, carve out your message on his follicle-enhanced slate, and send him strolling down Kits Beach handing out Parissa Wax Strip samples on July 25. It was sure to be a head turner, and generate talk both on the beach and online, amongst the primary target market: beach going men and women in search of a smooth body. The publicity stunt was the brainchild of Vancouver advertising agency Rethink for North Vancouver based Parissa, a supplier of hair removal products throughout North America. Marketing and media types were given a heads up to the exercise the day before through a teaser release and seeded mentions in various blogs and on Twitter. Well done Rethink

Backvertising hits Kits Beach - Vancouver, BC
Backvertising hits Kits Beach - Vancouver, BC

Mary Charleson


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