Word of Mouth Mouse & Mobile - Mary’s second book now available!

For entrepreneurs, business owners, marketing managers and students. This second book is a sequel to Five-Minute Marketing with more quick-read insights to leverage your story in an accelerated world.

A powerful story leverage through word of mouth, mouse and mobile, is the secret to connecting with customers in our time-starved and media fragmented society. Whether you’re just starting out or a seasoned veteran, these easy-to-read and apply five-minute articles will enhance your efforts. As a sequel to Mary’s first book, Five- Minute Marketing, this book includes the best of her published columns, entries from her popular blog and other previously unpublished work. Dip in or read it cover to cover, and ramp up your marketing quickly.

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Praise for Word of Mouth Mouse & Mobile

“Today positive WOM may be the single greatest influencer of a brand’s future success. If you want to know how to succeed Mary’s book is a great place to start.” - Lance Saunders, Executive VP, Managing Director, DDB Canada

“With an infinitely readable style, Mary’s marketing advice cuts to the chase. Word of Mouth Mouse & Mobile is a great follow-up to her first book, Five-Minute Marketing.” - Jeff Korhan, New Media and Small Business Marketing Expert, bestselling author of Built in Social: Essential Social Marketing Practices for Every Small Business

“Engaging, entertaining and a born teacher, Mary makes learning fun. From the classroom to the boardroom, she offers up great marketing insights. This book is simply an extension of her style to the written page.” - Charlene Hill, Department Chair, School of Business, Capilano University

“Mary Charleson’s 5-Minute Marketing columns consistently provide entrepreneurs with valuable advice about marketing their products, their companies and themselves. This book includes the best of her recent columns along with insights from her blog and previously unpublished work.” - Timothy Renshaw, Editor, Business in Vancouver

“The marketing how-to advice continues in Word of Mouth Mouse & Mobile. This is a great sequel to Five-Minute Marketing for those who enjoy Mary’s crisp, quick-read style.” - Laura McBride, Director Client Services, Station X



Five-Minute Marketing - Mary’s first book

Mary Charleson makes a complex subject simple and does it in over sixty short articles for the time-starved reader. Utilizing Canadian research and business examples, she gives readers the marketing tools to succeed. Pithy, often irreverent, but never short on actionable detail, this is the marketing book you’ll wish you had discovered long ago.

You will discover:

– Why brands that are giving back will be tomorrow’s leaders

– How to utilize new media and E-marketing opportunities

– Why marketing to women is important for all businesses

– How to advertise effectively and get more media coverage

– How to develop a strong brand and a winning strategy

– How to use marketing research to your advantage

– Why understanding sales is critical to success

– What emerging trends you need to monitor

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Praise for Five-Minute Marketing:

“Five-Minute Marketing is entertaining and thought provoking marketing advice by a Canadian for Canadians.” – Dan Poynter, President Para Publishing, bestselling author

“There’s lots of how-to advice included in Five-Minute Marketing, but the real power is Mary’s astute observations on key areas that matter in marketing today and how Canadian businesses are leading the way.” – Andrea Southcott, President, TBWA Vancouver

“Five-Minute Marketing is filled with marketing insights and solid research.” – Michael Antecol, LLB, Ph.D., Vice President TNS Canadian Facts

“Mary offers a rare combination of academic and practical experience.” – Teresita Ireneo-Manalo, Ph.D., Dean, Sprott-Shaw Degree College


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